contactless communication technology

Company Overview

Being one of the first RFID laboratories in the world TAGnology RFID GmbH sets a new standard. In Austria’s one and only RFID Centre of this kind the integration is made on the basis of various RFID components from different manufacturers in order to create and provide professional and innovative solutions to the customers.

You can personally experience and test RFID technology in our RFID Centre by means of example cases in all kinds of applications of different sectors. Moreover, the experts at TAGnology RFID GmbH offer the possibility to reproduce RFID projects in the RFID Centre and to adjust or develop RFID components on the basis of the results found in order to establish an efficient RFID solution. It is also possible to integrate existing or required applications into our equipment and consequently find the suitable RFID technology or components for your applications.

Due to our  12 years experience in the field of RFID and many completed RFID projects of highly innovative character we are able to design completely new solutions and components for our customers which can be presented subsequently in the RFID Centre. The cooperation with international partners enables us to reproduce the most difficult applications and to make use of equipment including extensive RFID components for industry, logistics and many more in the RFID Centre.